Get Money and Expertise to Transform your Business  

Do you own a small or medium-sized Canadian business? We can help.

The Canadian Government is giving businesses a grant up to $15,000 to get advice from certified advisors and up to $100,000 in interest free loans from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to implement technologies that will propel your business forward.

Cadeon Inc. is your government certified digital advisor expert who will help you develop a digital transformation plan that is tailored to your business needs and guide you through the government required grant/loan paper work.

The Canada Digital Adoption Program is helping businesses:

  • grow their online presence
  • upgrade or adopt digital technologies
  • leverage e-commerce opportunities
  • digitize their operations to stay competitive
  • meet their customers’ needs in the digital marketplace
  • reduce overhead costs
  • speed up transactions
  • respond to clients more quickly
  • manage inventory more efficiently
  • improve supply chain logistics
  • CDAP

    Visit the official Canadian Digital Adoption website for more information

    You're ready to apply if : you're an owner or director

    • your business is Canadian-owned
    • your business is for-profit
    • your business has 1 to 499 employees
    • your business has had at least $500,000 in annual revenue in 1 of the last 3 years

    How the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) Works

    in five easy steps


    Confirm Eligibility

    Schedule a free 30 minute session to meet with an advisor, ask questions, and confirm eligibility.  

    Grant Application

    Your advisor will then work with you to complete the government required program registration form called Digital Needs Assessment to submit on the official program website. The grant will cover up to $15,000 of the advisor fees to create your review, assessment, solution and project plans.  

    Start Review, Assessment & Solution Planning

    Once grant is approved, Cadeon will start to facilitate a review and assessment of your business and continue to work with you and your team to develop workable solution and execute plan.  The review, assessment, solution and project plan will submitted to the Canadian government for access to the interest free loan. 

    Apply for interest free loan

    After receiving Canadian government planning approvals, submit application to Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) for your interest free loan. 

    Execute Implementation

    Select technology solutions and implement.

    Frequently asked questions

    • What are the loan terms and amounts?
      Zero-interest loan of up to $100,000 with a 5-year term + 12 months capital postponement (total of 6-years).  CDAP is a four-year program, so you can apply for the program until 2026.  

      The amount of the loan is determined by the size of your business.  If your annual gross revenues are: 
           - between $500,000 and below $5,000,000, you can request a loan of between $25,000 and $50,000
           - $5,000,000 and more, you can request a loan between $25,000 and $100,000

      The loan must be used solely for the implementation of a digital adoption plan that is recognized by the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology stream.  

      Please note that although the loan request is being made under CDAP, applications must meet CDAP eligibility and BDC credit worthiness requirements to receive a loan offer. 

      You can create your digital adoption plan, receive the grant that covers up to 90% of advisory services and then decide against the zero-interest loan.  Participating in the digital plan portion of CDAP does not oblige you to apply for a loan.  If you move forward to implement your plan, you can also source the required funds from your own cashflow or from your regular financial institutions.  

      Note:  above information sourced from the BDC website (
    • Where can I get more information about the program?  
      Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) :  Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) | Official site​
      Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) :

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